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List of Services

Expert Guidance

Province & State Permitting not only offers Permitting Services across Canada and into the U.S., we also provide Prorate and IFTA services


List of Services

PSP Consultants coordinate permits across Canada and into the United States.

Provincial Permitting

Western Canada Permitting:

Single trip/Annual Overweight

Single trip/Annual Oversize

Registration (Single Trip or 30/60/90 days)

Municipal Approval

Routing Information (Provincial & Municipal)

Advanced Knowledge of Provincial & Municipal permitting

Road Ban information for Provincial & Municipal Roads

Highload Moves

Eastern Canada Permitting:

Single Trip Overweight

Single Trip Oversize

Registration & Fuel permits

U.S. Permitting

United States Permitting:

Single Trip Overweight

Single Trip Oversize

Trip & Fuel permits

Prorate & IFTA Services

Alberta Prorate Services:

Create New Prorate Fleet

Revisions/Additions to your Prorate Fleet

Renewal of Prorate Fleet

IFTA Reporting Services

IFTA Quarterly Reporting for your Fleet